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TigerLily’s Guide to Pilot Season Pt. 1 aka Don’t Miss These Hilarious People…

Here at TigerLily we try to keep our finger on the pulse of comedy. We love laughing and when someone makes us laugh well it’s set in stone we’re friends for life. It is that time again Pilot Season is on its way and though it is primarily a time for actors to try to make it on the fall TV line up for us LA comedy fans it is one of the most enjoyable times of the year where we finally get a chance to see some of the funniest comedians from across the country perform live in our town!.

Here are a list of some of the brightest comedians out there who will be making their way to LA and onto the TigerLily stage. So enjoy our “Guide to Pilot Season” Part 1! You would really be a fool to miss any of these super talented comedians while they are here.


Matt Ruby comes from NY where he co-produces the well recieved stand up show Hot Soup every Sunday @ UCBEast as well as the monthy comedy chat show We’re All Friends Here with another great NY comedian Mark Normand. Ruby is clever not only does he deliver on stage with funny jokes that will make you rethink your use of the word “ghetto” or the logic skills of Christopher Coumbus, his blog Sandpaper Suit is an insightful and thought provoking take on the ins and out of comedy. You all should have a read and a listen, but most of all catch him live @ TigerLily on Monday Jan 16th.


Andy Haynes is another NY comedian, originally from Seattle who has appeared @ Montreal Just For Laughs Festival as well as Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. We at TL enjoy Haynes cause for one he is fantastically awesome and we love his dry sardonic take on such things as the unexpentancy of Plan B, ‘rule Nazis” and how being vegeterian is pretty mich the least gay thing you can do. Catch him and check for show dates @ and plus he will be on TigerLily Jan 23rd


Nick Turner or Nicky T as he is known to many also hails from NY and recently made his late nite TV debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He helps produce not one but two awesome comedy shows If You Build It every Saturday @ UCBEast with the lovely Kara Klenk as well as Too Cool For School with Jason Saenz. Turner is hilarious, inviting the audience into a world riddled with odd characters such as a “homeless super” and amusing situations like losing your phone at the bottom of a subway trash can. Iit is his cool everyman stage persona that allows for the audience to relax, laugh and follow him wherever he goes! We have a feeling Nick will be going far and no longer need that fall back job at the “meatball factory.” ;) Nick will be at TigerLily on Jan 23rd and will also be in Residency for the month of February, needless to say we’re looking forward to it!


With all that talented NY comedian Greg Barris has his hands in it is a wonder he has time to sleep. Along with stand up comedy he runs Heart of Darkness, a unqiue comedy/variety/music show that not only makes you laugh, it makes you think as well as tickle your senses! When he isn’t forgiving sins at his awesome show he is also a self proclaimed “Pizzanier” as partner for L’asso a popular pizzaria that recently opened its 2nd incarnation in the East Village, oh and let’s not forget the stickers and T-shirts from Avro Design “Nice Work, Babe”! Seeing Barris live is where you see his unique style shine he’s laid back and equally reflective acting as a rambuctious ringleader taking the audience on a rollercoaster ride to another dimension filled with laughter and good old fashioned fun, cause remember everybody “It’s important to have fun! Catch Greg @ Tiger Lily Jan 23rd, 30th, Feb 6th and be sure to make a reservation for his CD Taping at the UCB on Feb 8th!

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