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Tales from the Kitchen: Behind the Curtain @ TLily 8/1

At TigerLily we always try to have a good time filled with laughter and fun. The Kitchen @ the Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill acts as our “green room.” We @ TigerLily are always running in and out of the kitchen making sure the show is running just the way it should and more often than none some of the coolest funniest and awesome things are happening on stage and off stage simultaneously! You never know who you are going to run into! One day it could be Louis CK asking to do a drop in, Paul Provenza hanging out after giving another comedian a ride or Jimmy Dore coming by just to heckle Eddie Pepitone! After 4 plus years TigerLily has become more than a show it’s a place comedians and comedy fans know they can drop by to see some of their favorite people, have a laugh on or off stage and hey just have a good time!

So we decided to start a weekly recap of the show, some tidbits, stories, quotes and pics from the last show! So enjoy
“Tales from the Kitchen: Behind the Curtain @ TigerLily”

TLily friend and favorite Rob O’Reilly had us all laughing about a cat with an uncanny resemblance to Hitler and kinda made us all want to run up to our attic and find a “Tiny mouse diary”

Our MC for the evening was Dave Child a super hilarious fella who everybody should get to know. He had the crowd in stitches debuting what can be best described as “musical ventriloquism”
Yes, his “dummy” ( the ever so limber Chris Flemming) was brought on stage in that blue box! Finally we could all have some good memories associated with that Enigma “Return to Innocence” song! We gotta say I think everybody fell in love with Mr. Dave Child that nite!

The always awesome Chelsea Peretti dropped by and just killed it! But hey guys Comedy hurts sometimes, Cheslea got her finger pinched on the microphone stand (Ron Lynch style) hopefully it doesn’t stop her from being able to play “the Rape Bass Guitar” !

Comedians April Richardson, Baron Vaughn and Andy Wood smile for Jazz and her ever so present camera! As you can see that’s the “kitchen” behind them!

Co-Producer of TigerLily comedian Melinda Hill goes over her notes by candelight

Quotes of the Night

"I slipped something in his feedbag bro!" —Will Weldon on whether it is possible to rape a horse

"Tilda Swinton is so the David Bowie of actors" —April Richardson on androgyny

"I feel like Bill Cosbying my life" — Baron Vaughn as he sat down to perform his crowd pleasing set via chair

Comedy Minglings

*Spotted at TigerLily good friends of TigerLily and hilarious comedians Pete Holmes, Brendon Walsh and Peretti sitting outside discussing of all things Montreal holding court like a “modern day algonquin table” (as Baron Vaughn commented) Also don’t forget to catch Holmes on Next Week’s show!

* People congratulating and hugging comedian Paul Danke on his new role as a Cool Daddy-O! Congrats Daddy Danke on your new baby girl! We will see ya next week at the TLily!

* TLily good friends and NY transplants O’Reilly, Matt Ritter and visiting NY comic Jeff Cerulli all relishing in the fact that comedian Barry Rothbart was still in NY and not in LA, Nah just kidding we were all being proud friends and happily discussing his Montreal Just For Laughs success! Congrats to being part of Best of the Fest Barry! You can all catch Rothbart at next week’s show!

* The "Ladies of Monday" (Melinda Hill, Jazz Ponce and JC Coccoli) laughing and enjoying the show at the same table while we laughed at what will surely be a new go to term “scoopy, scoopy!”

So We will see ya all Next Monday!

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